Steep Slope Roofs

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Steep Slope Roofs

Steep Slope Roofs are water-shedding types of roof coverings installed on slopes greater than 3:12 (1:4, or 14 degrees). In some instances, roof systems designed for low-slope applications may be used on roofs with a slope greater than 3:12. Conversely, some steep-slope roof materials may be used on roofs with slopes less than 3:12. Consult the RoofStar Guarantee Standards for guarantee requirements, Guiding Principles and Recommendations in any application (click expand to read more).

A Steep Slope Roof typically employs individual components that, when installed together in shingled fashion, shed water.

A Roof Assembly (different from a roof system) includes the supporting roof deck, the roof covering and any other components, including insulation (cf. ASTM D6630 – 08).

The RoofStar Guarantee Standards for Steep Slope Roof Assemblies therefore include the following system types in this section:

  • Architectural Sheet Metal (ASM) Assemblies
  • Asphalt Shingle Assemblies
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Assemblies
  • Tile & Slate Assemblies

See Low Slope Roofs or Waterproofing Plazas, Promenades and Terraces for other RoofStar Guarantee Standards, or return to the Home Page.