ASM 10.2.1 Roof-Headwall Connection

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ASM 10.2.1 Roof-Headwall Connection

RoofStar Guarantee Standards are blue-linked
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(1) Underlayment
The type of underlay required is determined by roof slope.
(2) Slip Sheet
Recommended over asphaltic underlays and / or as required by metal roof panel manufacturer.
(3) Valley Metal Panel
Turn up (bread panned) at termination and drag load fastened with compatible non-corrosive fasteners.
(4) Metal Panel Clip
Installed to metal roof panel manufacturer's printed instructions.
(5) 'Z' Closure
Set in accepted caulking and secured with compatible, non-corrosive, flat head fasteners.
(6) Sheet Metal Flashing
Hooked to 'Z' closure and fastened to wall with non-corrosive, flat head fasteners 300 mm (12") o/c or preformed foam closures set in acceptable caulking with high domed gasketed cladding type screws at each standing rib.
(7) Metal Counter Flashing
Must extend behind siding and building paper. Stucco stops are not considered to be a counter flashing.
(8) Joint Overlap
Joints overlapped 100 mm (4") minimum, sealed with two rows of accepted caulking. Exposed edges of joints must be turned under 12.7 mm (1/2").


(A) Acceptable Deck
(B) Wood Nailer
(C) Wall
(D) Siding
(E) Building Paper

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

RoofStar Guarantee Standards for ASM Roof Assemblies

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