ASM 11.1.2 Pipe Flashing, Split Panel

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ASM 11.1.2 Pipe Flashing, Split Panel

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(1) Architectural Metal Roof Panel (lower)
Lower, installed prior to the pipe flashing, cut hole large enough to allow for movement. Extend 400 mm (16") upslope beyond the pipe.
(2) Settlement Cap
Material must match flashing material.
(3) Drag-load Fasteners
Compatible non-corrosive fasteners.
(4) Sealant Tape
Two rows of sealant tape or acceptable caulking.
(5) Caulking
Bead of caulking tooled into transition between metal roof panel and flashing.
(6) Protrusion Flashing
Flange set in two continuous beads of accepted caulking.
(7) Metal Clip on Bearing Plate.
(8) Separation Layer (Drainage Mat)
Required for slopes less than 1:3; recommended over asphaltic underlays and / or as required by metal roof panel manufacturer.
(9) Underlayment
The type of underlay required is determined by roof slope.
(10) Spaced Cleat
Cleats, set in accepted caulking, spaced 50 mm (2") and fastened with compatible non-corrosive flat head screws.
(11) Architectural Metal Roof Panel (upper)
Upper, installed after installation of pipe flashing. Cut hole for pipe penetration and turn panel end under to accommodate cleats.


(A) Acceptable Deck

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

RoofStar Guarantee Standards for ASM Roof Assemblies

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