ASM 12.1.2 Built-in Gutter Assembly

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ASM 12.1.2 Built-in Gutter Assembly

RoofStar Guarantee Standards are blue-linked
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(1) Built-in Gutter Membrane
For construction details see also E1.7.17 Built-in Gutter. For installation standards, also refer to 9 Built-in Gutters in the RoofStar Guarantee Standards for ASM Roof Systems.
(2) Underlayment
The type of underlay required is determined by roof slope and material used to construct deck. Shed onto built in gutter membrane and continuity maintained under the insulation.
(3) Insulation
Tapered crickets formed from accepted insulation set in opposition to allow membrane vapour barrier / underlayment transition seal at built in gutter membrane while providing a level surface for metal panel installation.
(4) Metal Panel Underlayment
(5) Architectural Metal Roof Panel
For accepted metal roofing panel systems refer to Accepted Materials: Metal Roofing.
(6) Metal Flashing
For installation procedures refer to metal panel construction drawings.


(A) Acceptable Deck
(B) Wood Nailer
For attachment of continuous edge hook flashing.
(C) Fascia Board
(D) Built-in Gutters
Slope to Drains

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

RoofStar Guarantee Standards for ASM Roof Assemblies

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