ASM Details:E1.7.10 (Curb for Rooftop Equipment)

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ASM Details:E1.7.10 (Curb for Rooftop Equipment)

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(1) Underlayment
The type of underlay required is determined by roof slope.
(2) Slip Sheet
Recommended over asphaltic underlays and / or as required by metal roof panel manufacturer.
(3) Metal Panel Clip
Installed to metal roof panel manufacturer's printed instructions.
(4) Architectural Metal Roof Panel
(5) Metal Curb Flashing
(6) Cricket
Required for curbs more than 900 mm (36") wide
(7) Acceptable Caulking
Two rows accepted caulking between overlapping sheets, with preformed closures on trapezoidal ribbed roof panels.
(8) Metal Counter Flashing


(A) Acceptable Deck
(B) Wood Curb
200 mm (8") minimum height

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

RoofStar Guarantee Standards for ASM Roof Assemblies

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