ASh 10.5.1 Valley Transition (Upper)

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ASh 10.5.1 Valley Transition (Upper)

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(1) Valley Protection Membrane
Applied beneath the metal valley flashing.
(2) Valley Metal Flashing
Required for open valleys.
(3) Underlayment
Required, and installed to overlap the Valley Protection Membrane and the Valley Metal Flashing. Install ‘shingle-style’, following the requirements for side and end laps; use acceptable fasteners, or adhere (if a self-adhering membrane) in keeping with the manufacturer’s published requirements.
(4) Lower Membrane Patch
Required to cover the joint where the ridgeline of one roof joins the sloped plane of another. Cut as illustrated and apply to the slope; the patch must be cut large enough to extend upslope at least 150 mm (6”), but must not exceed the exposure of the ridge cap shingles.
(5) Upper Membrane Patch
Required to overlap the Lower Membrane Patch, ‘shingle-style’, by at least 50 mm (2”). Extend the patch upslope past the Metal Valley Flashing at least 150 mm (6”).
(6) Shingles (field)
(7) Shingle Ridge Cap
(8) Split Ridge Cap Shingle Transition
Required to tie the ridge caps into the adjacent roof field shingles.


(A) Acceptable Deck

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

RoofStar Guarantee Standards for Asphalt Shingle Systems

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