Division D: Waterproofing Systems (Roofs)

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Division D: Waterproofing Systems (Roofs)

Waterproofing Systems (Roofs) include membrane roofs and liquid-applied roof systems specifically accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program. These systems (all roof components, but excluding the supporting deck structure) may be installed on a variety of sloped surfaces, but typically are installed on roofs sloped less than 1:4 (3" in 12"). (click expand to read more).

Waterproofing Systems employ a waterproof covering that keeps water from entering a building. These membranes may be comprised of one or more layers. They include Built-up Roofs (BUR), which utilize multiple layers of felt or modified bituminous membranes laminated or bonded together with hot bitumen and coated on top with small rock (these are commonly referred to as 'tar and gravel roofs'). Some systems perform better under hydrostatic pressures than do others, and the Design Authority should pay attention to these differences.

The RoofStar Guarantee Standards for Waterproofing Systems include the following:

  • SBS-modified Bitumen Membrane Systems
  • EPDM (Thermoset Membrane) Systems
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Membranes) Systems
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Systems
  • Hot-applied Rubberized Asphalt Systems (under development)
  • PMMA Liquid Membrane Systems (under development)
  • Built-Up Roofs (BUR)

See Water-shedding Systems or Waterproofing Plazas, Promenades and Terraces for other RoofStar Guarantee Standards, or return to the Home Page.