Firestone Building Products Canada

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Firestone Building Products Canada

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The roofing assembly / materials listed below are accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program. Technical Data Sheets (TDS) may be found by clicking on the product link, unless indicated otherwise.
Manufacturer: Firestone Building Products
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Click the heading for a material type to link to tables displaying all other Accepted Materials in the same category

Waterproofing System Materials


Roof Deck Insulation

Polyisocyanurate Foam
Resista (awaiting TDS)

Insulation Overlay Board

Composite Overlays
ISOGARD HD (awaiting TDS)

BUR Felts

Glass-fibre Felts
Type IV (awaiting TDS)
Type VI (awaiting TDS)

SBS Membranes

SBS Roofing Installation Guidelines
Base Membranes
SBS Poly Base (awaiting TDS)
SBS Base (awaiting TDS)
SBS Premium Base (awaiting TDS)
SBS Poly Torch Base (awaiting TDS)
SBS Glass Torch Base (awaiting TDS)
BaseGard SA (awaiting TDS)
Cap Membranes
SBS Cap (awaiting TDS)
SBS FR Cap (awaiting TDS)
SBS Torch (awaiting TDS)
SBS FR Torch (awaiting TDS)
SBS Premium (awaiting TDS)
SBS Premium FR (awaiting TDS)
SBS Premium FR Torch (awaiting TDS)
SBS Smooth (awaiting TDS)

Grade-level Waterproofing

Liquid Membrane Flashing

Two-part Reinforced Liquid Membrane Flashing

Ultraflash (awaiting TDS)

Water-shedding Materials

Eave Protection & Underlayment (ASM)

Clad-Gard SA (awaiting TDS)
Clad-Gard MA (awaiting TDS)

Metal Roofing

Proprietary Metal Roof Systems (Factory-made)
Una-Clad (awaiting TDS)