SBS Control Joint (roof divider)

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SBS Control Joint (roof divider)

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(1) Gypsum Underlayment: If required by design authority.

(2) Vapour Retarder: If required by design authority.

(3) Insulation: See list of accepted materials in Section 2.2.

(4) Insulation Overlay: Where required. See RGC Guarantee Standard B4.1, B4.2 and C4.1

(5) Primary Membrane and Membrane Protection

(6) Membrane Flashing: Lap over top and mechanically fasten.

(7) Metal Base Flashing: Mechanically fasten to top of wood blocking. Optional on flexible membrane systems. Required on assemblies using gravel ballast filter mats. See RGC Guarantee Standard A6.9.

(8) Metal Cap Flashing: Flashings

(7) and (8) may be one piece.


(A) Acceptable Deck

(B) Control Joint Assembly: Required to separate new systems from existing roof systems and at dissimilar roof decks or on BUR assemblies over 45 m x 45 m (150’ x 150’). See RGC Guarantee Standard Section A1.4 and Section B1.3. Primed where applicable. Slope top if wider than 100 mm (4").

(C) Existing Roof Assembly: If applicable. Prepared for application of membrane flashing at control joint.

NOTE: Refer to RGC Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

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