SBS Details:D1.7.5-2 Roof-Wall Transitions (Divider/Joint)

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SBS Details:D1.7.5-2 Roof-Wall Transitions (Divider/Joint)

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(1) Gypsum Deck Overlay
If required by design authority.
(2) Vapour Retarder
If required by design authority.
(3) Insulation
See available insulation products in the Accepted Materials section of this Manual.
(4) Insulation Overlay Board
Where required.
(5) Primary Membrane and Membrane Protection
(6) Membrane Flashing
Lap over top and mechanically fasten.
(7) Base Metal Flashing
Mechanically fasten to top of wood blocking. Optional on flexible membrane systems. Required on assemblies using gravel ballast filter mats.
(8) Metal Cap Flashing
NOTE: (7) and (8) may be one piece.


(A) Acceptable Deck
(B) Control Joint Assembly
Required to separate new systems from existing roof systems and at dissimilar roof decks or on BUR assemblies over 45 m x 45 m (150’ x 150’). Primed where applicable. Slope top if wider than 100 mm (4").
(C) Existing Roof Assembly
If applicable. Prepared for application of membrane flashing at control joint.

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

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