Template:Part 4 (Waterproofing Roofs)

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Template:Part 4 (Waterproofing Roofs)

Click here to view all the Materials accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program.

1 General

  1. All roofing components installed by the Contractor must be
    1. new
    2. accepted by the RoofStar Guarantee Program.
    3. manufactured by, or listed as acceptable to, the manufacturer of the primary Waterproofing System or Water-shedding System material.

    A list of all Accepted Materials is published in this Manual (see link above).

    Also see 1.6 (2) RoofStar Guarantee: Coverage and Limitations for restrictions and limitations on any roofing material, linear metal flashing, penetration flashing or drain used on a project designed and constructed to qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee.

  2. All materials must be protected from weather, properly stacked and secured above ground or the roof surface and covered by wrappers approved or recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. All installed roofing materials that are susceptible to moisture damage must be made watertight by the end of each workday.
  4. Metals and fasteners must be compatible with each other, to avoid galvanic corrosion which can occur when dissimilar metals come in contact with each other.

1.1 Definitions

Refer to the Glossary for further definitions of key terms used in this Manual.

Primary Material
means a roofing, waterproofing or water-shedding material which is directly exposed to the weather and which is primarily responsible for protecting secondary materials, and the building interior, from water and weather generally. Membranes, metal panels or shingles form the core of this material type.
Secondary Material
means one which forms part of a waterproofing system or water-shedding system and which may affect the wind resistance characteristics of the entire assembly but is not necessarily exposed to the weather.