WP Details:F1.7.5 (Expansion Joint - Deck Level)

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WP Details:F1.7.5 (Expansion Joint - Deck Level)

RoofStar Guarantee Standards are blue-linked
Waterproofing Details for Plazas, Promenades and Terraces



(1) Primary Waterproofing Membrane: Fully adhered to acceptable substrates (concrete slab depicted) install as per the RoofStar Guarantee Standards for Waterproofing Plazas, Promenades & Terraces, together with Membrane Manufacturer's installation specifications.

(2) Membrane flashing (stripping):Carried up wall minimum 200 mm (8") above deck surface and or a minimum of 100mm (4") above top surface of waterproofing assembly.

(3) Membrane Primer or Adhesive: proprietary primer or adhesive application and quantities as directed by Membrane Manufacturer's published application specifications.

(4) Expansion Joint: Proprietary elastomeric expansion joint system compatible with waterproofing membrane system approved by membrane manufacturer and accepted by the RoofStar Guarantee Program. Designed to accommodate specific horizontal building movements and compliant with Section 3.2, Expansion Joints.

(5) Protection Board/Mat: Proprietary membrane protection board or mat approved by membrane manufacture compatible with waterproofing membrane system, and compliant with RoofStar Guarantee Standards.

(6) Insulation: Optional: Extruded, Expanded Polystyrene, Type 4, CAN/ULC-S701-97, compressive strength of 240 kpa (35 psi).

(7) Filter Mat: Synthetic permeable fabric required over extruded, expanded polystyrene insulation overburdened with pavers, growing mediums, sand and gravel beds for unit masonry, etc.

(8) Metal Cap or Coping Flashing: Must overlap exterior wall finish. See Section 16.3, Attachment for fastening and additional requirements.

(9) Metal Base Flashing: Required on all waterproofing assemblies. Flashing lengths joined by use of S-locks or standing seam joints.


(A) Acceptable Deck: Concrete slab shown.

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

RoofStar Guarantee Standards for Waterproofing Plazas, Promenades & Terraces

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