Materials by Product Category

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Materials by Product Category

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Division C - Accepted Materials

Materials by Product Category

ACCEPTED MATERIALS and SYTEMS for a RoofStar 5-year Guarantee, RoofStar 10-year Guarantee, or for a RoofStar 15-year Guarantee.

The links below open tables and lists of materials accepted by the RGC for use on projects intended to qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee. The acceptance of these materials should not be construed as an indication of the quality or performance of other materials not listed in this Manual. Furthermore, these tables and lists are not intended for use as a comparison of material performance or quality. It is the sole responsibility of the design authority to assess the performance capability and material suitability for specific design requirements.

Many material pages are missing acceptance dates; this is a carry-over from a prior iteration of the RPM, in which those dates were not recorded. If the date is missing, it is usually shown with the acronym "TBD" (To Be Determined).

You may also search for RoofStar Accepted Materials by

Finally, note that those RoofStar Accepted Materials which have been tested for wind uplift resistance can be found through links on the Main Page of the RPM.

Accepted Materials


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