ASM Eave and Rake Edges (Snap-Lock Seams)

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ASM Eave and Rake Edges (Snap-Lock Seams)

Division D - Construction Details

ASM | Eave and Rake Edges (Snap-Lock Seams) ( Article and Article

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ASM Details


(1) Eave Protection
Accepted self-adhered modified bituminous membrane.
(2) Separation Layer
Recommended over asphaltic underlays and / or as required by metal panel manufacturer.
(3) Metal Panel Clip
Installed to metal roof panel manufacturer's printed instructions.
(4) Architectural Metal Roof Panel
(5) Continuous Metal Cleat
(6) Metal Fascia Flashing
(7) Edge Metal Flashing (Continuous)
(8) Pre-formed Closures
(9) Exposed Fasteners
High-domed gasketed cladding type screws compatible with metal roof panel.
(10) Rake Edge Metal Flashing


(A) Acceptable Deck
(B) Fascia Board

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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