ASM Roof-Wall Connection (Head-wall)

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ASM Roof-Wall Connection (Head-wall)

Division D - Construction Details

ASM | Roof-Wall Connection (Head-wall) ( Article

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ASM Details

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(1) Deck overlay
Required over some deck surface to provide a solid or continuous substrate for roof system materials. Here, a deck overlay is provided to support a continuous AVB layer.
(2) Underlayment
Applicable for all Architectural Sheet Metal systems. For slopes less than 1:3, the entire roof slope must be covered with a self-adhered underlayment.
(3) Insulation
Installed with offset side and end joints.
(4) Vapour-permeable separation membrane
Installed over insulation and required on all insulated Architectural Sheet Metal Roof Systems. The material must be located between the insulation and metal panels/ventilation material (see 8.1.2 Design).
(5) Ventilation material
A ventilation space is required on slopes less than 1:3; entangled mesh (shown) may be used as void fill. The ventilation space facilitates drying as condensation forms on the underside of the metal panels.
(6) Metal Panel Clip
Installed to metal roof panel manufacturer's printed instructions.
(7) Bearing plate
Used to support clips and distribute dead and live loads when direct contact with a solid substrate is not possible.
(8) Architectural metal roof panel
(9) 'Z'-Closure
Set in acceptable sealant and secured with compatible, non-corrosive, flat head fasteners.
(10) Sheet Metal Flashing
Hooked to 'Z'-Closure and fastened to wall with non-corrosive, flat head fasteners 300 mm (12") o/c or preformed foam closures set in acceptable sealant with high domed gasketed cladding type screws at each standing rib.
(11) Metal Counter Flashing
Must extend behind wall system and wall control layers. Stucco stops are not considered to be a counter flashing.


(A) Acceptable deck
(B) Wall control layers
must be positively lapped with roof materials and flashings, to maintain continuity across systems.
(C) Wall cladding

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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