ASh 11.1.3 Curb Flashing (Typical)

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ASh 11.1.3 Curb Flashing (Typical)

Division D - Construction Details

ASh 11.1.3 Curb Flashing (Typical)

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Asphalt Shingle Details


(1) Asphalt Shingles
Installed to manufacturer’s published instructions and RoofStar Guarantee Standards.
(2) Apron Flashing
Extended a minimum 100mm (4") beyond corners, interwoven with shingles and step flashings.
(3) Step Flashing
Interwoven with each course of shingles, 75mm (3") head lap.
(4) Final Step flashing
Extended around corner of the upstand and under back pan flashing. The upstand fold can alternatively be turned outward under the back pan fold.
(5) Backpan Flashing
The back-pan is to be extended 100mm (4") beyond the corner and folded. Apply caulking at the transition corner of the final step flashing and back pan.
(6) Capillary Section
A capillary tab is to be extended off the end of the back pan to lead water around the corner.
  • Proprietary soldered or welded diverter flashing may be used provided they conform to RoofStar Guarantee Standards.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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