Accessories:Soprasolar Fix EVO Pedestal

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Accessories:Soprasolar Fix EVO Pedestal

Notice to the Reader:

An Accessory is a material that joins Primary or Secondary Materials together, or is connected to/with a Primary or Secondary material, but does not by its nature (apart from its installation) directly affect the water or wind resistance of the Waterproofing or Water-shedding system. An Accessory is not an Accepted Material and therefore the RoofStar Guarantee does not extend to cover any potential material or installation failure. Accessories are listed in the Roofing Practices Manual merely for reference to specifiers, designers and installers.

The information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications, nor is this Accessory recommended or endorsed by the Guarantor. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the Design Authority.

Manufacturer and Accessory Information
Soprema Inc.
Listed in the RoofStar Guarantee Program
October 2020
Recognized applications
Waterproofing Systems (roofs)
Product Summary
Soprasolar Fix EVO Pedestal
  • is an element of the Soprasolar Fix EVO system.
  • consists of a height-adjustable pedestal made from glass fibre reinforced polyamide which is mechanically fastened to a Soprasolar Flange.
  • facilitates the connection between photovoltaic modules and the waterproofing system (roofs) without perforating it.
(adapted from the Technical Data Sheet)
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Technical Data Sheet

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