Asphalt Shingles - Diverter Flashing

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Asphalt Shingles - Diverter Flashing

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Asphalt Shingle Details
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(1) Step 1
Use a standard 225 mm (9”) long step flashing and scribe the fold lines as shown on the illustration. Note that the down-slope upstand is bent at a 110-degree angle to the slope. No cutting is needed or appropriate; the flashing is formed with folds, bread-pan style.
(2) Step 2
Fold the bottom end of the flashing as illustrated, so that the bottom upstand aligns with the vertical bread-pan fold made in the next step.
(3) Step 3
Fold the back flap around and behind the main upstand, bread-pan style.
(4) Step 4
If required or desirable, cut a capillary notch in the bottom upstand (illustrated), and trim the upstand to suit the aesthetics of the roof.



NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

Standard for Asphalt Shingle Systems

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