LMF 13.3.1-1 Metal Cap Flashing (joints)

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LMF 13.3.1-1 Metal Cap Flashing (joints)

Division D - Construction Details

LMF 13.3.1-1 Metal Cap Flashing (joints)

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(1) Metal Cap Flashing
Fabricate and install in keeping with the Standards in Part 13 METAL FLASHINGS. Base membrane must extend across the top of the parapet (to waterproof the structure and separate the metal from moisture-susceptible substrates) and extend down the outside face of the parapet at least 50 mm (2”). Edges must be hemmed (1a), although a kicked-out drip edge is optional.
(2) Fasteners
Select for compatibility with metal flashing, membrane and substrate (see 13.2.3 Fasteners).
(3) Clips
Install cap flashings using a continuous or discontinuous metal ‘wind’ clip affixed to the outside face of the parapet, or to the top of the parapet (see Alternate illustration). Refer to Part 13 in the related Standard for securement requirements.
(4) Seam
Must be either a Standing Seam (illustrated) or an S-lock (single or double – see inset illustrations). The use of acceptable seams allows for multi-directional expansion and contraction of sheet metal.


(A) Parapet Structure
(B) Parapet woodwork (sloped toward roof surface

NOTE: See the related Standard for additional requirements.


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