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Welcome to the RCABC RoofStar Roofing Practices Manual (RPM)

This is the official version of the Roofing Practices Manual and supersedes all other printed or printable versions which may be in circulation.

The Roofing Practices Manual is the official guide for RCABC Members, Accepted Observers, consultants, architects and specification writers designing or applying roofing and Waterproofing or Water-shedding systems, and describes the RoofStar Guarantee Standards, Guiding Principles and Recommended Practices necessary to qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee. The RPM meets or exceeds the current national and provincial standards for construction and wind uplift design resistance. See the Table of Contents below, or use any of the following quick links:

click HERE for a brief tutorial of the Roofing Practices Manual

NOTICE to Readers: This online presentation of the Roofing Practices Manual is a restructuring of its original format. All updates to the older version of this Manual have been incorporated into the present structure. Yellow highlighted text indicates a change to the Manual within the past 12 months (System names and Standard titles in the Manual are the exception, as they are updated at least three times annually). Watch for changes to either or both Accepted Materials and within the body of any Standard. Highlighting remains in effect for one calendar year and automatically expires on the first anniversary of the change. Consult the Technical Updates for a list of changes since 2010.

Last Update: February 5, 2021 (see Technical Updates for details)

Table of Contents