Manufacturers:Menzies Metal Products

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Manufacturers:Menzies Metal Products

Division C - Accepted Materials

Menzies Metal Products
Associate Member (Manufacturer)

The roofing assembly / materials listed below are accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program. Technical Data Sheets (TDS) may be found by clicking on the product link, unless indicated otherwise.
Manufacturer: Menzies Metal Products
Contact Address
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Country of Origin
Country of Manufacture
Year First Installed
1978 (2019 as Accepted Materials)
Click the heading for a material type to link to tables displaying all other Accepted Materials in the same category
Materials shown with "TA" after the name have been used in wind-resistant Tested Assemblies. See also Securing the Roof Assembly and links to MARS, PARS and AARS material tables.

Grade-level Waterproofing


Penetration Flashings

Aluminium and Copper Penetration Flashings

Water-shedding System Materials


Penetration Flashings

Accepted Materials


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