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Manufacturers:Soprema Inc.

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Division C - Accepted Materials

Soprema Inc.
Associate Member (Manufacturer)

The roofing assembly / materials listed below are accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program. Technical Data Sheets (TDS) may be found by clicking on the product link, unless indicated otherwise.
Manufacturer: Soprema Inc.
Contact Address
See the current Membership list and contact information at
Country of Origin
Country of Manufacture
Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA
Year First Installed
BC: 1979
Canada: 1979
Foreign: 1976
Click the heading for a material type to link to tables displaying all other Accepted Materials in the same category
Materials shown with "TA" after the name have been used in wind-resistant Tested Assemblies. See also Securing the Roof Assembly and links to MARS, PARS and AARS material tables.

Waterproofing System Materials



Composite Board Insulation
see Membrane-laminated Overlays
XPS Insulation
Sopra-XPS 35
Sopra-XPS 40, 60, 100
Polyisocyanurate Foam
Sopra-Iso Plus
Mineral Fibre Insulation

Insulation Overlay Board

High-density Overlays (no membrane)
Soprarock MD
Soprarock MD Plus
Sopra-Iso Plus HD
Composite and Membrane-laminated Overlays
2-1 SopraSmart Board (formerly Soprasmart Board 180)
2-1 SopraSmart Board ISO HD (formerly Soprasmart ISO HD 180)
2-1 SopraSmart FB (formerly Soprabase HD)
2-1 SopraSmart Rock (formerly Xpress Board HD)
3-1 SopraSmart Rock (formerly Express ISO)

SBS-Modified Membranes

Technical Info: SBS-Modified Bituminous Membranes
Soprema SBS Roofing Installation Guidelines
Base Membranes
Elastophene 180 Sanded (TA)
Elastophene Sanded
Colply Base 410
Colply Base 410 Flex - conditional approval; call for information
Colphene Flam HR
Colphene Flam HR SP
Elastophene 180 PS (TA)
Elastophene 180 PS DG
Elastophene PS (TA)
Elastophene Flam (TA)
Soprafix Base 630 (TA)
Soprafix Base 635
Sopraflash Flam Stick (TA)
Sopraflash Stick (formerly Sopraflash Stick 20)
Sopraflash Stick Duo (formerly Sopraflash Stick HR 40)
Sopraply Stick (formerly Sopralene Stick HR 20)
Sopraply Stick Duo (formerly Sopralene Stick HR 40)

Roofs cont.

Sopralene 180 PS 3.0 (TA)
Sopralene 180 Sanded (TA)
Sopralene 180 SP 3.5
Sopralene Flam 180 (TA)
Sopraply Flam Stick (formerly Sopralene Flam Stick)
Sopraply Base 510 (TA)
Sopraply Base 520 (TA)
Sopraply Base Plus PP 3.0
Colvent Base 830
Colvent Base 840
Cap Membranes
Sopraply Stick Traffic Cap (TA) (formerly Sopralene Stick HR GR)
Colply Traffic Cap (TA) (formerly Colply Traffic Cap 460)
Colply Traffic Cap Flex (formerly Colply Traffic Cap 460 Flex) conditional approval; call for information
Colply Traffic Cap FR (TA) (formerly Colply Traffic Cap FR 461)
Soprafix Traffic Cap 660 (TA) (Previously deleted; restored by Manufacturer)
Soprafix Cap 655
Soprafix Cap 656 FR
Sopralene Flam 180 GR (TA)
Sopralene Flam 180 FR GR (TA)
Sopralene Flam 250 GR (TA)
Sopralene Flam 250 FR GR (TA)
Sopralene Mammouth GR (TA)
Sopraply Traffic Cap (TA) (formerly Sopraply Traffic Cap 560)
Sopraply Traffic Cap FR (TA) (formerly Sopraply Traffic Cap 561)
Sopraply Traffic Cap Plus GP 4.0
SopraStar Flam GR (formerly SopraStar Flam HD GR) (TA)
SopraStar Flam FR GR (formerly SopraStar Flam HD GR) (TA)

BUR Felts

Glass Felts
Sopraglass 100

PMMA Liquid Membrane Systems (Field Application)

For a complete list of Technical Data Sheets, click on the system link below.

Alsan RS 230 Field (Membrane System)

Liquid Membrane Flashing

Two-part Reinforced Liquid Membrane Flashing

Alsan RS Liquid Flashing

Single-component Liquid Membrane Flashing

Alsan Flashing

Hot Fluid-applied Rubberized Asphalt Roofing Systems

Colphene H

PVC Membranes

Sentinel P150 PVC
Sentinel P150 HFB PVC
Sentinel P200 PVC
Sentinel P200 HFB PVC


An Accessory is a material that joins Primary or Secondary Materials together, or is connected to/with a Primary or Secondary material, but does not by its nature (apart from its installation) directly affect the water or wind resistance of the Waterproofing or Water-shedding system. An Accessory is not an Accepted Material and therefore the RoofStar Guarantee does not extend to cover any potential material or installation failure. Accessories are listed in the Roofing Practices Manual merely for reference to specifiers, designers and installers.

Drainage Layers
Sopradrain Eco Vent
Photovoltaic Accessories
Soprasolar Fix EVO Pedestal

Accepted Materials


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