Materials:Sikalastic 601/621

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Materials:Sikalastic 601/621

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Notice to the Reader:

The roofing assembly / material information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the design authority.

Manufacturer: Sika Canada Inc.
Accepted for RoofStar Guarantee Program
February 2020
Accepted for application in
Roof Waterproofing Systems
Grade-level Waterproofing Systems
Product Summary
Sikalastic 601 BC (US) and 621 TC (US) roofing and waterproofing systems combine cold applied, aliphatic, single component, moisture-triggered polyurethane resins with fiberglass mat or polyester fleece reinforcement to create a seamless membrane and flashing system. System components are:
  • Sika or Sikalastic Primer - Select primer per substrate material in accordance with Priming Guide
  • Sikalastic 601 BC (US) - Base layer resin incorporating a Reemat fiberglass reinforcement
  • Sikalastic 621 TC (US) -Top layer resin incorporating a Reemat fiberglass reinforcement. Resin used for all other systems with both Reemat fiberglass and polyester fleece reinforcement
  • Sikalastic Reemat Premium - Chopped strand fiberglass mat
  • Sika Fleece 120, 140, 170 - Non-woven, needle-punched polyester fleece in various weights
(adapted from the Technical Data Sheet)
Conditions and Limitations
None - Accepted for all roof applications
NOTE: Sikalastic 601 BC and 621 TC are Accepted as a system (in combination with their associated components) by the RGC for Waterproofing Systems on roofs and at grade.
Click below for the Technical Data Sheet.
Technical Data Sheet

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