PVC Roof System Details

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PVC Roof System Details

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Division D - Construction Details

Construction Details for PVC Membrane Roof Systems
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The drawings linked on this page are intended to represent a variety of PVC Membrane roof system applications while remaining generic with regards to manufacturer's specific application specifications. They do not represent all possible manufacturer application roof system designs. Consult each manufacturer's specifications and the RoofStar Guarantee Standards to develop a system acceptable to both the manufacturer and the RoofStar Guarantee Program.
For further information about PVC Membrane System designs and requirements, see the Standard for PVC Membrane Roof Systems.

Part 10 - Perimeters and Walls

Part 11 - Drainage

Part 12 - Penetrations and Curbs

Part 13 - Linear Metal Flashing

See the separate page, Construction Details for Linear Metal Flashings.

Part 14 - The Roof as a Platform

Standard for PVC Membrane Roof Systems


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