SBS Cast Iron Drains

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SBS Cast Iron Drains

Division D - Construction Details

SBS | Cast Iron Drain ( Article

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SBS Details


(1) Supporting Deck Overlay
If required by design authority.
(2) Air or Vapour Control Layers
If required by design authority.
(3) Insulation
Mechanically fastened. See available insulation products in the Accepted Materials section of this Manual.
(4) Insulation Overlay
Asphalt adhered or mechanically fastened. Two layers required over heat-sensitive insulation.
(5) Primary Membrane and Membrane Protection
(6) Mastic
As approved by manufacturer.
(7) Base Membrane Flashing
As approved by membrane manufacturer (See (C) below).


(A) Acceptable Supporting Deck Structure
(B) Roof Drain Assembly
(C) Lead Flashing
Minimum 15 kg / m² (3 lb / ft²) weight lead sheet; flange extending minimum 25 mm (1") into bowl to 150 mm (6") beyond perimeter of drain; embed in mastic (6) and prime top surface where required by manufacturer or minimum 1 m x 1 m (39" x 39") 3 mm thick modified bituminous base sheet; to be supplied by trade supplying roof drain. For optional installation methods that use a membrane flashing in place of lead, see the Application requirements under Cast-iron Roof Drains.
  • Leader size is determined by using the calculation found in the BC Building Code at Appendix P.7.4.10 and Section (Section for gutters)(current edition) in conjunction with the 15-minute rainfall value from the National Building Code, Appendix C.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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