SBS Curbs and Sleepers (equipment sleeper)

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SBS Curbs and Sleepers (equipment sleeper)

Division D - Construction Details

SBS Curbs and Sleepers (equipment sleeper)

Notice to Reader
Images used in a Construction Detail are representative and not prescriptive. Nor are they necessarily drawn to scale. Rather, they are provided to visually convey the requirements of the Standard they represent. Unless otherwise required by the Standard, dimensions, the selection of materials and their application remains the responsibility of the Design Authority.

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(1) Supporting Deck Overlay
If required by design authority.
(2) Air or Vapour Control Layers
If required by design authority.
(3) Insulation
See available insulation products in the Accepted Materials section of this Manual.
(4) Insulation Overlay
As required.
(5) Primary Membrane and Membrane Protection
(6) Membrane Flashing
Lap one ply from each side over top of sleeper (C) and mechanically fasten.
(7) Alternate Cap Flashing
May be used instead of lapping membrane flashing over sleeper.
(8) Metal Base Flashing
Mechanically fasten to top of wood blocking, standing seam at corners, optional on flexible membrane systems. Optional on flexible membrane systems. Required on assemblies using gravel ballast filter mats.
(9) Metal Cap Flashing
NOTE: (8) and (9) may be one piece.


(A) Acceptable Supporting Deck Structure
(B) Air and Vapour Control Layer Seal
(C) Wood Blocking/Sleeper
Minimum 150 mm (6") thick, minimum 100 mm (4") above finished roof surface.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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