SBS Double Surface Reglet

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SBS Double Surface Reglet

Division D - Construction Details

SBS | Double Surface Reglet ( Article

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SBS Details


(1) Concrete, Stone or Steel Wall Finish
Must be dry, smooth and primed for membrane flashing to be adhered directly. (Plywood or fibre-mat reinforced cement board may be required).
(2) Membrane Flashing
Carried up wall minimum 200 mm (8") above roof surface.
(3) Reglet
Install as detailed with steel channel and concrete pins. Membrane to be held in place by clamping pressure and pins.
(4) Fasteners
Suitable expanding type concrete pins.
(5) Clamping Bar
Steel channel with elongated holes to permit expansion/contraction, pinned into concrete at maximum 400 mm (16") o/c. Bar dimensions to be a minimum 38 mm (1 ½") wide x 12 mm (1/2") thick C-channel, formed from a minimum 22 gauge galvanized or pre-finished steel.
(6) Caulking
Polyurethane sealant, fill to top of the flashing and crown to promote drainage.
(7) Surface Reglet
To cover lower reglet assembly, pinned directly without a clamping bar at maximum 300 mm (12") o/c. (Interlocking hooked type assembly optional)
(8) Membrane Underlay
Minimum self-adhered modified bitumen membrane.
(9) Metal Coping Flashing


(A) Acceptable Concrete Finish / Stone or Steel
(B) Sloped Wood Blocking
Primed for application of underlay.

NOTE: AVOID SURFACE REGLET (wherever possible) - RoofStar Guarantee Department written permission required for RoofStar Guarantee.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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