TS Details:E4.7.10 (Slate - Ridges)

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TS Details:E4.7.10 (Slate - Ridges)

Division D - Construction Details

TS Details:E4.7.10 (Slate - Ridges)

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Slate Roofing Details

Ridges have several traditional styles including saddled or a metal flashing. Ridges are installed after the field slates are installed flush with each other on opposite sides of the ridge.

  • Saddle Ridges
The slates are run horizontally and overlapping with the nails being driven between slates of the last course. Elastic cement should be applied in overlaps and joints on top of the ridge.
  • Metal Ridge Cap
Metal used for a ridge cap should be non-corrosive to last the life of a slate roof. It is installed on a ridge board and must cover the last course of slate down to its normal exposure. Attachment is provided by hidden clips.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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