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Template:ARCHIVED - Text Classification


The RoofStar Guarantee Standards are shown as black text. These are statements typically expressed by the use of "must" and "shall" in the text - they convey what the user is obliged to perform in order to comply with the RoofStar Guarantee Standards. We visually separate RoofStar Guarantee Standards from both Guiding Principles, Recommendations and Reference material, in an effort to clarify for the reader what is mandatory.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles are shown as green text. Guiding Principles support the RoofStar Guarantee Standards and are a requirement, typically expressed by the use of "should" in the text, but occasionally indicated by "may". Guiding Principles also include those parts of the Roofing Practices Manual that pertain to how the RoofStar Guarantee Program is administered.

Contained within Guiding Principles are Risk Management Best Practices which are binding upon the Members who perform work in conformity with the RoofStar Guarantee Standards.


Recommendations are shown as red text and are not binding. They are typically expressed with the use of "recommend". The reader is nevertheless strongly urged to understand and apply recommendations when specifying a RoofStar Guarantee or when performing work that must conform to the RoofStar Guarantee Standards.


Reference materials are shown as blue text and apply to information the reader may find useful, and which may enhance an understanding of the RoofStar Guarantee Standards.