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How to use this Standard

The fourteen (14) Parts of this Standard contain the requirements, guiding principles, recommendations, and reference materials, necessary to design and construct a project that will qualify for a RoofStar 5-Year Guarantee, RoofStar 10-Year Guarantee, or RoofStar 15-Year Guarantee. Guarantee requirements for a RoofStar 15-Year Guarantee are identified in various Parts. All RoofStar 15-Year Guarantee requirements must be read together with the general requirements for each Part in this Standard.

Readers are advised to review relevant materials that can be accessed through the hyperlinks embedded in the body of text. Part titles shown in blue indicate hyperlinks to more relevant material that the reader is advised to consult.

Refer to Structure and Organization of RPM and Standards in Division A of this Manual for more information about this Standard.

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No reproduction of this Standard, in whole or in part, is lawful without the expressed permission of the RCABC.