WP Details:F1.7.9 (Walls - Reglet & Counter-Flashings)

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WP Details:F1.7.9 (Walls - Reglet & Counter-Flashings)

Division D - Construction Details

WP Details:F1.7.9 (Walls - Reglet & Counter-Flashings)

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Images used in a Construction Detail are representative and not prescriptive. Nor are they necessarily drawn to scale. Rather, they are provided to visually convey the requirements of the Standard they represent. Unless otherwise required by the Standard, dimensions, the selection of materials and their application remains the responsibility of the Design Authority.

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Waterproofing Details for Plazas, Promenades and Terraces



(1) Primary Waterproofing Membrane
Fully adhered to acceptable substrates (concrete slab depicted), installed as per the Standard and Membrane Manufacturer's installation specifications.
(2) Membrane Flashing (stripping)
Carried up walls a minimum 200 mm (8") above membrane surface (Deck) and a minimum of 100mm (4") above top surface of permeable waterproofing wearing surfaces and overburdens.
(3) Membrane Primer or Adhesive
Proprietary primer or adhesive, application and quantities as directed by membrane manufacturers published application specifications.
(4) Metal Base Flashing
Required on all waterproofing assemblies flashing lengths joined by use of S-locks or standing seam joints.
(5) Metal Counter Flashing
Set in reglet fastened with expanding type concrete pins, join flashing lengths by use of S-locks or standing seam joints.
(6) Fasteners
Suitable expanding type concrete pins.
(7) Caulking
Polyurethane sealant, fill void and tool smooth.


(A) Concrete Wall
Must be dry, smooth and primed for membrane flashing to be adhered directly. (Plywood or fibre-mat reinforced cement board may be required).
(B) Reglet
Minimum 19mm (3/4") in depth, saw cut or manufactured preformed reglet.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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