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1 General

The Roofing Practices Manual (RPM) is a comprehensive collection of standards, guiding principles, recommendations and information created to guide the design and construction of reliable, durable roofs and structures supporting grade-level waterproofing. The RPM also contains the official list of materials specifically accepted for use in a RoofStar-guaranteed Project (the Accepted Materials). The Waterproofing and Water-shedding Divisions are divided by Systems that contain the RoofStar Guarantee Standards for specific material systems. Each body of Standards contains fourteen Parts, and in most cases each Part is divided into three principal Sections – a General section that typically contains definitions and design guidelines or standards; a Material section containing specific material requirements within the Part; and an Application section that lists the standards and other content necessary for the Contractor to build the system in conformity to the Program requirements. For an understanding of the nomenclature used in the RPM, see Numbering System below.

Within each of the Sections, wording is coloured to differentiate four different classes of language, each different in its intent: Standards, Guiding Principles, Recommendations, and Reference (information). The four classes are described below.

The RoofStar Guarantee Standards are shown as black text. These are statements typically expressed by the use of "must" and "shall" in the text - they convey what the user is obliged to perform in order to comply with the RoofStar Guarantee Standards. We visually separate Standards from both Guiding Principles, Recommendations and Reference material, in an effort to clarify for the reader what is mandatory.
Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles are shown as green text. Guiding Principles support the Standards and are a requirement, typically expressed by the use of "should" in the text, but occasionally indicated by "may". Guiding Principles also include those parts of the Roofing Practices Manual that pertain to how the RoofStar Guarantee Program is administered.
Contained within Guiding Principles are Risk Management Best Practices which are binding upon the Members who perform work in conformity with the RoofStar Guarantee Standards.
Recommendations are shown as red text and are not binding. They are typically expressed with the use of "recommend". The reader is nevertheless strongly urged to understand and apply recommendations when specifying a RoofStar Guarantee or when performing work that must conform to the RoofStar Guarantee Standards.
Reference materials are shown as blue text and apply to information the reader may find useful, and which may enhance an understanding of the RoofStar Guarantee Standards.

While it may appear that designers and applicators need view only the content that appears to pertain to their particular work, each reader is strongly advised to review and understand the content in all three Sections of each Part; what is pertinent to the Contractor building the system should be understood by the designer who specifies the work.

2 Numbering System

Divisions of the RPM contain pages of helpful information, or are stratified according to Systems (applicable to Divisions D, E and F), each containing a Standard and information about the System. Each Standard is particular to a System, and the Standard is further divided by a numbering system that is parallel among all divisions, systems and standards.

Similar to the way the National and British Columbia Building Codes are structured, the first number indicates the Part of the Standard; the second, the Section of the Part; the third, the Subsection; the fourth, the Article in the Subsection; and the fifth, the Sub-article. The detailed provisions are indicated by numbers in brackets, and broken down by Sentence, Sub-sentence, Clause and Sub-clause. The nomenclature of the RPM can be illustrated this way:

Nomenclature Example
Division Waterproofing Systems (Roofs)
System SBS-modified Bitumen Membrane Systems
Standard RoofStar Guarantee Standard for SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane Systems
Section 3.1 General
Subsection 3.1.2 Design
Article Conventionally Insulated Roof Assemblies
Sub-article Tested Assemblies
Sentence …(1)
Sub-sentence …(2)(1)
Clause …(2)(1)(1)
Sub-clause …(21)(1)(1)(2)

3 Purpose

The RoofStar Roofing Practices Manual, including (without limitation) all standards, guiding principles, recommendations and descriptive information, establishes the design and application requirements a Project must satisfy in order to qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee. The RoofStar Guarantee is issued under the RoofStar Guarantee Program by the RGC (RCABC Guarantee Corp., also referred to as the Guarantor). In this Manual, the terms Guarantor, RoofStar Guarantee Program and RGC will be used interchangeably, and shall be understood to mean one and the same thing.

This Manual is updated throughout the calendar year, and updates are published on a separate web page that can be accessed from the Main Page of the RPM (see the Technical Updates button near the top of the page). Because the Manual changes periodically, the reader is responsible to remain current with the latest iteration of the Manual.

While the RPM publishes design standards, guidelines, recommendations and information, it must not be relied upon as a complete design guide for the purpose of issuing a Project specification. Therefore, the Design Authority must also look to other related standards, Codes and design guidelines for a complete understanding of the work to be specified. The RGC accepts no responsibility for the failure of any party to exercise prudence and Due Diligence in a design.

4 Authority and Conflict

The RPM is the authoritative body of Standards for the RoofStar Guarantee Program. However, should a conflict arise

  1. between a manufacturer's published specifications and the RoofStar Guarantee Standards, written agreement must be secured from the Guarantor for determination of the appropriate standard.
  2. between a manufacturer's published specifications and the guidelines issued in the RoofStar Roofing Practices Manual, the latest RoofStar Guarantee Standards shall supersede all other RoofStar Guarantee Program guidelines.
  3. between the RoofStar Guarantee Standards and the guidelines issued in the RoofStar Roofing Practices Manual, the latest RoofStar Guarantee Standards shall supersede all other RoofStar Guarantee Program guidelines.

The RoofStar Guarantee Program