Manufacturers:Polyglass USA, Inc.

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Manufacturers:Polyglass USA, Inc.

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Division C - Accepted Materials

Polyglass USA, Inc.
Associate Member (Manufacturer)

Materials Listed by Category

The information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications, nor is this material recommended or endorsed by the Guarantor. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the Design Authority.

Contact Address
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Country of Origin
Country of Manufacture
Year First Installed

Waterproofing Roofs


Polyisocyanurate Foam
Polytherm G awaiting TDS

Insulation Overlay Panels

Asphaltic Overlays
Polyboard E (4.5 and 6 mm) awaiting TDS
Polyboard W (4.5 mm) awaiting TDS

SBS Polymer-Modified Bituminous Membranes

(See the membrane tables in Division C)

Base Sheets
Elastobase (TA)
Elastoflex SA 2.5
Elastoflex S6 2.2 (S/S, P/S, P/P)
Elastoflex S6 2.5 (S/S, P/S) (TA)
Elastoflex S6 3.0 (P/P) (TA)
Elastoflex V (TA)
Elastoflex S6 HP awaiting TDS
Elastoflex SA V Plus awaiting TDS
Elastoflex SA V Plus FR awaiting TDS
Elastovent awaiting TDS

Waterproofing Roofs

SBS Polymer-Modified Bituminous Membranes (Cont.)

(See the membrane tables in Division C)

Elastobase 25 awaiting TDS
Elastoflex SA
Elastoflex SA V (TA)
Elastoflex SA V FR (TA)
Cap Sheets
Elastoflex S6 G (TA)
Elastoflex S6 G FR (TA)
Elastoflex SA P
Elastoflex SA P FR
Elastoflex S6 G C HP (250)
Elastoflex S6 G C HP FR (250)
Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap awaiting TDS
Elastoshield TS G FR (TA)
Polyfresko G SBS (TA)
Polyfresko G SBS FR (TA)

Liquid Membrane Flashing Systems

Single-component Liquid Membrane Flashing

Polyflash 1C

Water-shedding Roofs

Underlayment/Eave Protection (Asphalt Shingles/Cedar/Tiles)

Self-adhered Materials
Polystick IR-Xe
Polystick MTS
Polystick TU Plus

Underlayment/Eave Protection (ASM)

Self-adhered Materials
Polystick MTS


An Accessory is a material that joins Primary or Secondary Materials together, or is connected to/with a Primary or Secondary material, but does not by its nature (apart from its installation) directly affect the water or wind resistance of the Waterproofing or Water-shedding system. An Accessory is not an Accepted Material and therefore the RoofStar Guarantee does not extend to cover any potential material or installation failure. Accessories are listed in the Roofing Practices Manual merely for reference to specifiers, designers and installers.


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