Materials:ISOGard HD Cover Board

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Materials:ISOGard HD Cover Board

Notice to the Reader:

The roofing assembly / material information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the design authority.

Manufacturer: Firestone Building Products Canada
Accepted for RoofStar Guarantee Program
April 2012
Product Summary
Firestone ISOGARD™ HD Cover Board is a half-inch (12.7 mm) thick polyiso insulation designed for use as a cover board. It is a high density, closed-cell, polyisocyanurate foam core that has been manufactured with a coated glass facer. Firestone ISOGARD™ HD provides the highest thermal performance when compared to other half-inch roof cover boards.
All Firestone polyisocyanurate insulations use EPA accepted blowing agents. Firestone ISOGARD™ HD with IsoGard™ Foam Technology incorporates a HCFC-free blowing agent that does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone (ODP-free).
Firestone ISOGARD™ HD can be applied over existing roof surfaces and under adhered or mechanically attached Single Ply, Cold and Modified Bitumen systems applied in Multi-Purpose MB Cold Adhesive and SA Base with a torch applied cap.
Note: ISOGARD HD may only be used with Firestone Roofing Systems.
1.1.1 Polyisocyanurate foam core that has been manufactured with a coated glass facer.
  • Keep insulation dry at all times.
  • Elevate insulation above the deck or ground.
  • Cover insulation with waterproof tarps.
  • Combustible. Refer to MSDS for more information.
  • Do not install over wet, damp or uneven substrates.
  • Meets American Society for Testing and Materials: ASTM C1289.
  • Underwriters Laboratories Classified.
  • Factory Mutual Approved.
  • Applicator Training: Firestone offers contractor product training.
  • Technical Service: Technical Representative’s are available for consultation and field training; owners, architects and engineers are assisted in the selection and proper use of materials by technical representatives.
  • Specification / Drawings: Complete specifications and detail drawings are available upon request and on the Firestone website.
  • Insulation shall be neatly fitted to all roof penetrations, projections and nailers. No more insulation shall be installed than can be covered with membrane and completed before the end of each day’s work or before the onset of inclement weather.
Click below for the Technical Data Sheet.
Technical Data Sheet

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