SBS Metal Edge Termination

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SBS Metal Edge Termination

Notice to Reader
Images used in a Construction Detail are representative and not intended in their representation of an assembly to be prescriptive. Nor are they necessarily drawn to scale. Rather, they are provided to visually convey the Standards, Guiding Principles and Recommendations of the RoofStar Guarantee Standards for a Waterproofing or Water-shedding System. Actual design with respect to dimensions, the selection of materials and their application remains the responsibility of the Design Authority.

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(1) Primer
For self-adhered or torch-applied base membranes, as required by the membrane manufacturer.
(2) Base Membrane (field)
Torch-applied, adhered, self-adhered (as illustrated), or mechanically attached (subject to deck type and wind uplift design requirements). See Tables 9.1 and 9.2 for acceptable membrane types and securement options. See 9.3 for application requirements.
(3) Mastic
Applied beneath metal edge flashing. Refer to (3)(2).
(4) Metal Edge Flashing
See 13.3.2 Fabrication for manufacturing requirements. See also Metal Edge Terminations for application standards and securement. Hemmed edges are required; a kicked-out drip edge is optional but recommended (cf. (10)).
(5) Base Membrane (flashing)
Applied to overlap metal flashing and the field base membrane.
(6) Cap Membrane (field)
Installed according to Part 9 standards and sealed along the exposed edge with an un-tooled bead of membrane compatible sealant (cf. (3)(7)(2)).


(A) Acceptable Substrate
(B) Wall Assembly

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

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