SBS Low Door Opening

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SBS Low Door Opening

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(1) Primary Roof Membrane
(2) Membrane Flashing
Carried up wall minimum 200 mm (8") above roof surface. At door sill openings membrane flashing may be less than 200mm (8") in height but must not be less than 100mm (4") in height above the primary roof membrane. When door sills are less than 200mm (8") a metal waterstop flashing must be mechanically attached to backside of door sill framing or opening and be sealed with membrane flashing. Membrane gussets must be installed at door sill opening corners.
(3) Protection/Drainage Layer
(4) Metal Base Flashing
Optional on flexible membrane systems. Required on assemblies using gravel ballast filter mats.
(5) Metal Counter-flashing
(6) Metal Water-stop Flashing
Mechanically attached to inside of door sill framing or opening. Cut flashing to fit opening and install membrane gussets at corners.
(7) Metal Pan Sill Flashing
Optional - Metal pan with water stop formed with pan folded, welded or soldered corners mechanically attached to inside of door sill frame or opening and sealed with membrane flashing.


(A) Acceptable Supporting Deck Structure
Concrete slab shown
(B) Wall Cladding and Flashing

NOTE: Refer to RoofStar Guarantee Standards for additional requirements.

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