Steep Slope Roofs

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Steep Slope Roofs

Steep Slope Roofs are water-shedding types of roof coverings installed on slopes greater than 3:12 (1:4, or 14 degrees). In some instances, roof systems designed for low-slope applications may be used on roofs with a slope greater than 3:12. Conversely, some steep-slope roof materials may be used on roofs with slopes less than 3:12. Consult the RoofStar Guarantee Standards for guarantee requirements, Guiding Principles and Recommendations in any application (click expand to read more).

A Steep Slope Roof typically employs individual components that, when installed together in shingled fashion, shed water.

A Roof System (different from a roof assembly) excludes the structural roof deck but includes the roof covering and any other components, including insulation.

The RoofStar Guarantee Standards for Steep Slope Roof Systems therefore include the following system types in this section:

  • Architectural Sheet Metal (ASM) Systems
  • Asphalt Shingle Systems
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Systems
  • Tile & Slate Systems

See Low Slope Roofs or Waterproofing Plazas, Promenades and Terraces for other RoofStar Guarantee Standards, or return to the Home Page.

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