ASM 8.1.1 Eave Protection and Underlayment

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ASM 8.1.1 Eave Protection and Underlayment

Division D - Construction Details

ASM 8.1.1 Eave Protection and Underlayment

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(1) Metal flashing underlayment/separation membrane
required for metal flashings installed on wood substrates.
(2) Metal edge flashing
Installed to manufacturer's printed instructions.
(3) Ice and water protection
One ply of accepted self-adhered modified bituminous membrane.
(4) Underlayment
Proprietary underlayment installed perpendicular to the slope with 50 mm (2") minimum side laps and 100 mm (4") minimum end laps.
  • This application pertains only to slopes 1:3 (4" in 12") or greater. For slopes less than 1:3, see Construction Detail ASM 8.1.2.
  • Slip sheet not shown for clarity


(A) Acceptable deck

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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