Manufacturers:Polyglass USA, Inc.

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Manufacturers:Polyglass USA, Inc.

Division C - Accepted Materials

Polyglass USA, Inc.
Associate Member (Manufacturer)

The roofing assembly / materials listed below are accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program. Technical Data Sheets (TDS) may be found by clicking on the product link, unless indicated otherwise.
Manufacturer: Polyglass USA, Inc.
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Materials shown with "TA" after the name have been used in wind-resistant Tested Assemblies. See also Securing the Roof Assembly and links to MARS, PARS and AARS material tables.


An Accessory is a material that joins Primary or Secondary Materials together, or is connected to/with a Primary or Secondary material, but does not by its nature (apart from its installation) directly affect the water or wind resistance of the roofing or waterproofing assembly. Accessories are not currently part of the Accepted Material program, but are listed here for reference to specifiers, designers and installers.

Accepted Materials


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