Materials:FleeceBACK RL PVC

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Materials:FleeceBACK RL PVC

Division C - Accepted Materials

FleeceBACK RL (RapidLock) PVC
by Carlisle SynTec Systems Canada

Material Acceptance and Product Details

The information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications, nor is this material recommended or endorsed by the Guarantor. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the Design Authority.

Accepted for the RoofStar Guarantee Program
October 20, 2023
Accepted for application in
Roof Waterproofing Systems
Acceptance Criteria
Product Summary
Carlisle's RapidLock (RL) fleece-backed PVC membrane is internally reinforced and must be installed over their proprietary insulation panels, SecurShield RapidLock Polyiso and SecurShield RapidLock HD Polyiso. Both panels are manufactured with a VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions facer on the upper side of the panel, to which the membrane is attached.
(adapted from the Technical Data Sheet)
Available thickness (nominal, over fleece): 1.524 mm (60 mil) / 2.92 mm (115 mil)
Conditions and Limitations
Carlisle's RapidLock (RL) membranes (EPDM, TPO, and PVC) are accepted by the RGC for use on waterproofing roofs up to 30.48 m (100') above grade (higher roofs require a design review by Carlisle Syntec Systems Canada).

Note that the membrane tables classify this as "self-adhered". However, because of the VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions technology used to secure the membrane, RapidLock membranes do not qualify for traditional self-adhered applications, such as in gutters or protected membrane roof assemblies.
Technical Data Sheet
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Technical Data Sheet

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