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1 RCABC Guarantee Corp. (RGC) Technical Committee

The RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and the Standards are reviewed and revised by the RCABC Guarantee Corp. (RGC) Technical Committee, which meets no less than three times per calendar year, and also reviews applications submitted to the RCABC for the acceptance of materials used in the RoofStar Guarantee Program.

The RGC Technical Committee is comprised of representatives from the four principal regions of British Columbia - Vancouver Island, the South Coast (Vancouver and the Lower Mainland), the Interior, and the North. The RCABC appoints six Active Members ("Contractors") and six RGC-accepted Observers, each for a term of no more than six consecutive years. RCABC Technical Department staff prepare the agenda and participate in each meeting but are non-voting members. The Committee Chair is appointed by the RGC Board of Directors. The regional representation matrix, and term limits for appointed Committee members, is governed by RCABC policy and aims for balance in technical expertise and experience.

2 Revision History

This Manual was revised effective June 17, 2021 and replaces previously published content dated February 5, 2021.

3 History of the Roofing Practices Manual

The RGC Roofing Practices Manual ("RPM", or "Manual") is the official collection of

  • published Standards necessary to design and build a waterproofing or water-shedding project intended to qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee.
  • listed materials formally accepted by the RCABC Guarantee Corporation (RGC), with which a project must be constructed to qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee.
  • information, technical standards and other resources intended to aid the Design Authority in specifying such a project.

The RPM was first produced in 1988 by the RCABC Guarantee Corporation (RGC) Technical Committee, under the direction of the RGC Board of Directors. Its initial development was supported by representatives of the

Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC)
Intergovernmental Roofing Advisory Group (IRAG)
National Research Council (NRC)
Roofing Inspectors and Consultants Association of British Columbia (RICABC)

Development of the RPM received its major impetus when the National Research Council, represented by its Industrial Research Assistance Program, provided financial assistance to the RCABC, so that a British Columbia Institute of Technology graduate could be hired to assist in the compilation of the very first Manual. Various extracts of information were authorized for reference by the

Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA)
National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

and further valuable guidance was made available to the RCABC by the

Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA)
Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI)

The completion of the 1988 Edition of the RPM initiated the development and subsequent expansion of the RCABC Guarantee for Workmanship and Materials, now called the RoofStar Guarantee Program. The RGC Roofing Practices Manual is an evolving document that is supported by RCABC Members, RGC Accepted Observers, the NRC, the British Columbia design community and other construction associations. It is revised and updated no fewer than three (3) times annually. Revisions to the RPM are published online (Technical Updates) and have been digitally updated since November 2010. Previous Technical Updates may be available from the Technical Department of the RCABC, upon written request.

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