SBS Fire Separation Wall

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SBS Fire Separation Wall

Division D - Construction Details

SBS | Separation Wall ( Article

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Images used in a Construction Detail are representative and not prescriptive. Nor are they necessarily drawn to scale. Rather, they are provided to visually convey the requirements of the Standard they represent. Unless otherwise required by the Standard, dimensions, the selection of materials and their application remains the responsibility of the Design Authority.

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(1) Primary Roof Membrane
(2) Base Membrane Flashing
(3) Non-combustible Insulation
Optional (For condensation control) Cellular glass board insulation complying to ASTM C552-00 OR mineral fiber insulation conforming to CAN / CGSB 51.31-M84 and ASTM E84.
(4) Base Metal Flashing
S-Lock joints and concealed discontinuous clips required. Do not fasten to block firewall. (Optional – Metal base flashing may be installed on lower wall area.)
(5) Water Channeling Clip
(See inset) Concealed clip designed with ribs to channel water under standing seam joint with notch to allow water to escape, OR standing seam joints to be soldered, OR an additional layer of metal flashing with offsetting joints. Do NOT place combustible materials over top of firewall.
(6) Metal Cap Flashing
Standing seam joints and concealed continuous or discontinuous clips required.


(A) Acceptable Supporting Deck Structure
(B) Cant
(C) Acceptable Wall Surface - Plywood
(D) Wood Frame Wall
(E) Block or Concrete Firewall
(F) Sloping Mortar

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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