SBS 14.3.3 Structures and Equipment (planter pre-curb)

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SBS 14.3.3 Structures and Equipment (planter pre-curb)

Division D - Construction Details

SBS 14.3.3 Structures and Equipment (planter pre-curb)

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(1) Primer
Application method and coverage rate as approved by Primary Membrane Manufacturer.
(2) Primary Roof Membrane
Modified Bituminous base and cap sheet membranes installed as per manufacturer's published application specifications.
(3) Pre-Curb (Start-Up Curb) Membrane Flashing
Modified Bituminous base and cap sheet membrane flashing installed as per manufacturer's published application specifications.
(4) Proprietary Liquid Membrane Flashing
RoofStar Guarantee Program accepted Liquid Membrane Flashing System(s) or hot melt SBS modified bitumen. (NOTE: Refer to Liquid Membrane Flashing Systems in Division C of this Manual). Install as per Manufacturer's published instructions.
(5) Inside Planter Wall Membrane Flashing
Adhered according to manufacturer's specifications using cold adhesive, self-adhered or torch-applied membrane. Torching directly to wood surfaces is not permitted. Carry membrane flashing plies to reglet termination near top of planter wall (stagger membrane seal minimum 300mm (6").
(6) Reglet - Metal Counter Flashing
As required by the RoofStar Guarantee Standards. Note that a coping flashing may be paired with the reglet flashing, as illustrated.
(7) Plaza Deck / Planter Interior Assembly
Extruded polystyrene insulation and filter mat over primary roof membranes. Concrete pavers placed above pre-curb membrane flashing height, on proprietary pedestals. Note: membrane flashing is not permitted above pre-curb membrane flashing on plaza deck side of planter walls.


(A) Acceptable Supporting Deck Structure
Concrete slab shown. Each planter area must have a drain through the roof deck.
(B) Pre-Curb
Minimum of 100mm (4") in height above concrete deck, smooth dry and clean.
(C) Cast over Concrete Planter Wall
Form on top of membrane sealed Pre-curbs or Start-up curbs.
(D) Re-Bar
Placed at centre of Pre-curb.
(E) Reglet
Premanufactured purpose-made reglet cast in concrete wall or saw-cut.
(F) Alternate Termination
Horizontal Reglet alternative to pre-manufactured purpose-made reglet, cast in concrete wall or saw-cut on vertical surface of inside planter walls.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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