WP Details:F1.7.11 (Bi-Level Drain - Hard Surface: Low Pervious Wearing Course)

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WP Details:F1.7.11 (Bi-Level Drain - Hard Surface: Low Pervious Wearing Course)

Division D - Construction Details

WP Details:F1.7.11 (Bi-Level Drain - Hard Surface: Low Pervious Wearing Course)

Notice to Reader
Images used in a Construction Detail are representative and not prescriptive. Nor are they necessarily drawn to scale. Rather, they are provided to visually convey the requirements of the Standard they represent. Unless otherwise required by the Standard, dimensions, the selection of materials and their application remains the responsibility of the Design Authority.

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Waterproofing Details for Plazas, Promenades and Terraces



(1) Membrane Primer or Adhesive
Proprietary primer or adhesive, application method and quantities for substrate type as directed by membrane manufacturer's published application specifications.
(2) Primary Waterproofing Membrane
Fully adhered to acceptable substrates (concrete slab shown), installed as per the Standard and Membrane Manufacturer's installation specifications.
(3) Protection Board & Filter Fabric
Proprietary (purpose-made) drainage boards and filter fabric required with semi- impermeable sand and gravel beds designed to provide levelling for unit masonry.


(A) Acceptable Deck
Concrete slab shown
(B) Drain Body
Proprietary Bi-level cast iron roof for waterproofing assembly with low previous wearing courses.
(C) Drain inlet
Drainage opening at top surface of semi- impermeable wearing courses on Bi-Level drain.
(D) Drainage Board /Filter Fabric
Proprietary drainage board approved by membrane manufacturer, compatible with waterproofing membrane system, and compliant with Section 14, Penetrations and Drains.
(E) [Grade-level Waterproofing Standard#WPWEARING | Sand/Gravel Bed with Filter Mat]
Synthetic water permeable fabric required to contain sand beds for unit masonry (bricks, pavers and stone).
(F) Unit Masonry Wearing Course
Concrete brick, pavers and stone on sand or gravel beds designed to support predicted live loads.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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