Roof Plans

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Roof Plans

It is presumed that roofs are as important as floors, so there is no reason why detailed roof plans, as complete as floor plans, should not be made available. Roof plans should show the existence and location of all roof penetrations such as drains, vents, anchors, ventilators, etc. They should also show details of the roof system, roof edges, control joints, flashing, and they should provide all pertinent information relative to the construction desired. Experience shows that relatively few roof failures occur in the middle or main body of the roof. The majority of failures appear to occur where design detail is required. The design of such detail requires considerable study and knowledge and, all too frequently, the design is inadequate for the results required. This does not mean that the design is always at fault and the method of application is perfect. The methods of application will be covered in subsequent sections of this Manual.

To view design details that meet RoofStar Guarantee Standards, visit the Construction Details section.

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