Scope of RPM and Standards

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Scope of RPM and Standards

Division A - Scope, Use of Standards, and Guarantee

Part 1 - Scope of RPM and Standards

Section 1.1. Roofing Practices Manual and Standards

1.1.1. Scope Scope of Roofing Practices Manual
  1. This Manual and the Standards were instituted as a guide to support the RoofStar Guarantee Program developed by the RCABC Guarantee Corporation (RGC) ("RGC", "Guarantor"). Consequently, both the Manual and the Standards are limited in their scope and must not be considered a comprehensive resource for roofing and waterproofing at grade. Rather, all Standards must be read in conjunction with the installation requirements published variously by manufacturers or testing authorities.
  2. The RGC Roofing Practices Manual ("RPM", "Manual") and its Standards are freely accessible to anyone (the “reader”) but are intended solely for the purpose of qualifying a project for a RoofStar Guarantee. Therefore, subject to the limitations and conditions of the RoofStar Guarantee Program, the appropriate use and authority of this Manual and the Standards is limited by this expressed purpose and scope.
  3. Each Standard supports and, in some instances, exceeds the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code ("the Code"), but that is secondary to the primary function and scope of a Standard. Therefore, while the requirements, guiding principles and recommendations in a Standard may be regarded as general "best practices", the use of a Standard for any purpose other than to qualify a project for a RoofStar Guarantee shall be at the sole discretion of the reader, and the Guarantor shall not be legally liable for the application of a Standard for any other purposes.
  4. Any interpretation of the Code offered in a Standard or elsewhere in this Manual is published solely for the expressed purpose and scope of the Manual and Standards and shall not be construed as a substitute for the authority of the Code itself. In all cases, the reader is responsible to exercise good judgement, and to read, understand and comply with the Code, as and how it applies to particular circumstances. Where the Code can be shown to exceed the requirements of a Standard, the Code is deemed to be superior. Scope of Standards
  1. Unless expressly stated elsewhere in a Standard, each Standard applies to
    1. new construction.
    2. alterations to existing projects.

1.1.2. Limited Liability Liability Limited to RoofStar Guarantee
  1. The RGC Roofing Practices Manual is revised at least three times per calendar year, and as such the content of the RPM may change, superseded by a successive edition.
  2. All users of the RPM are responsible to determine that the RPM and its various parts are current, and to consult with the material manufacturer, or a knowledgeable consultant, to determine each material's suitability within a particular design and its context.
  3. The Manual shall not be relied upon by anyone for the complete design, specification, or installation of a waterproofing system or water-shedding system, as the RPM and the Standards do not and cannot contemplate all of the factors that form part of a complete and Code-compliant design.
  4. Materials (manufactured products) listed in the RPM are referred to as "accepted" by the Guarantor and indicate what is permissible for the purpose of qualifying for a RoofStar Guarantee, but their acceptance may not be construed
    1. as a recommendation or endorsement of their efficacy or suitability for the purposes of a design or its context, or
    2. as a declaration that a material is superior to other materials.
  5. A Standard may require the Design Authority to submit engineering or test documentation to the Guarantor, but this shall not be construed by the Design Authority or any reader to mean that the Guarantor either reviews or verifies the validity of said submissions. Reviewing and validating any such documentation remains the sole, legal responsibility of the Design Authority.
  6. By using this Manual and any Standard, the reader agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this Manual and holds the Guarantor harmless from any and all claims arising out the use of the Manual or a Standard, except those claims for which the RoofStar Guarantee is issued.

Section 1.2. Materials used for Guarantee

1.2.1. Material Suitability New Material Products
  1. All new construction must utilize only newly manufactured materials expressly accepted by the Guarantor and listed in Division C of this Manual.
  2. No project may incorporate recycled products, unless expressly permitted with a written Variance issued by the Guarantor.
    See also Article of Part 3 in Division A, for coverage and limitations of a RoofStar Guarantee.


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No reproduction of this Manual, in whole or in part, is lawful without the expressed permission of the RGC Guarantee Program.