TS Details:E4.7.8 (Slate - Valleys)

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TS Details:E4.7.8 (Slate - Valleys)

Division D - Construction Details

TS Details:E4.7.8 (Slate - Valleys)

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Slate Roofing Details

Valleys on a slate roof can be done in several ways including swept, laced, mitred and open. The recommended style for B.C. is open valleys, due to ease of installation and better drainage of debris. It is recommended that copper, lead or stainless steel be used to match the longevity of slate.

Valley metal should be a minimum of 600 mm (24") wide and be centre crimped. Successive pieces should lap a minimum 150 mm (6"). Valley metal sections should be drag load fastened and sealed between laps with a compatible caulking. Slates should extend a minimum of 150 mm (6") into the valley with the cut line being tapered 1% from bottom to top.

NOTE: See the Standard for additional requirements.

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