Materials:New Tech FF 100 Metal Panel (Precision)

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Materials:New Tech FF 100 Metal Panel (Precision)

Notice to the Reader:

The information published in the RCABC Roofing Practices Manual and offered below does NOT represent a complete set of the manufacturer’s data or specifications, nor is this material recommended or endorsed by the Guarantor. The preparation of a detailed specification is the responsibility of the Design Authority.

Manufacturer and Acceptance
Precision Metals Ltd.
Accepted for the RoofStar Guarantee Program
October 17, 2021
Accepted for application in
Water-shedding Systems (ASM only)
Product Summary
Snap-lock standing seam metal panel that is fastened along one side (on the flange). Each panel is produced with proprietary double-end cut-outs to facilitate versatile installation and save time in the field.
Machine: New Tech SSQ II (roll-forming machine)
Gauge (accepted): 24
Minimum panel width: 300 mm (12")
Maximum panel width: 600 mm (24")
Seam height: 23.4 mm (15/16")
Stiffeners: Optional
Finishes: SMP or PVDF
Conditions and Limitations
Refer to the Standard for Architectural Sheet Metal (ASM) Roof Systems for limitations concerning flange-fastened snap-lock panels.
Click below for the Technical Data Sheet.
Technical Data Sheet

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