Roofs - Hot Rubber materials

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Roofs - Hot Rubber materials

Division C - Accepted Materials

Roofs: Hot Fluid-applied Rubberized Asphalt

Accepted Materials for a RoofStar Guarantee

The tables and products shown below provide basic material data and links to more information about the materials, including manufacturers' published Technical Data sheets, but this information is not intended for use as a comparison of material performance or quality. It is the sole responsibility of the Design Authority to assess the performance capability and material suitability for specific design requirements.

The materials listed are those which have been accepted by the RoofStar Guarantee Program (RCABC Guarantee Corp., or RGC) for use in a roof or grade-level waterproofing system that will qualify for a RoofStar Guarantee. The acceptance of these materials by the RGC (RoofStar Guarantee Program) in no way reflects on the quality or performance of other materials not listed.

The materials and guideline specifications are listed under the name of the manufacturer and/or supplier of the primary membrane material, with the exception of BUR membranes for which the reader will find RoofStar Guarantee Program guidelines on traditional built-up roofing systems (BUR) incorporating organic and glass felt primary membranes.

These are fully adhered waterproofing system that utilize hot applied rubberized asphalt compounds, with reinforcement scrims, to form monolithic (seamless) flexible waterproofing membranes.
These Accepted Materials consist of single component rubberized asphalt compound installed with reinforcement between two a two layer system. Hot applied rubberized asphalt is fully-adhered to both vertical and horizontal structural surfaces to form monolithic (seamless) flexible waterproofing membrane. Reinforced membrane flashings are installed in Hot applied rubberized asphalt at all transitions (for example, at wall to deck plane changes).
Hot applied rubberized asphalt systems are used only in a Protected Membrane Roof Assembly (PMRA).
Click on a manufacturer's name to see the full list of their products accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program
Manufacturer Product Name Nominal Product Thickness, Wet (mm) Approximate Weight (Kg/m2) Reinforcement Material Reinforcement Material Weight (g/m2) Applicator Training
Henry Company Canada 790-11 Hot Rubberized Asphalt 5.5 Not stated Not stated Consult manufacturer
Hydrotech Membrane Corporation Monolithic Membrane 6125 5.5 Not stated Consult manufacturer
Soprema Inc. Colphene H 5.5 7.2 Consult manufacturer

Accepted Materials